Why should you have a forensic accountant on your divorce team ?

Because divorce ultimately boils down to dividing the marital assets and liabilities. In the UK the starting point for this is the completion of Form E by both parties. This disclosure covers all assets and liabilities along with income and expenditure. We are experienced in analysing these statements and establishing whether there is any likelihood of assets or income being hidden or suppressed.

We provide expert forensic accounting and fraud examining skills to all aspects of divorce cases, covering:

    • Financial investigations
    • Division of assets
  • Tax consequences of proposed settlements

Our services often pay for themselves many times over through discovery of under declared income and profits in a spouse’s Form E. Click on this link for examples of fraudulent behaviour we have found.

Our appointments are in one of the following categories:

  • Single joint expert (appointed by both parties) This is normally for business valuations only.
  • Party appointed expert (appointed by one party)
  • Shadow expert (appointed by one party to investigate and report on financial matters but not to give evidence in Court)

For a free conversation with an expert give Graham Salmon a call on 0161 702 6278 or email him at gsalmon@grahamsalmon.co.uk anytime. And if you are heading for divorce and don’t have a solicitor he can put you in touch with one to suit you.